Turn indexing on

Fleet Indexing is a managed service that allows you to index and search your registry, shadow and connection data in the cloud. After your fleet index is set up, the service manages the indexing of all your registry and shadow updates. You can use a simple query language based on the popular open source search engine Apache Lucene to search across this data.

Fleet Indexing offers several options to index data from AWS IoT:

  • OFF: no indexing at all
  • REGISTRY: index registry data only
  • REGISTRY_AND_SHADOW: index registry data and shadow data
  • REGISTRY_AND_CONNECTIVITY_STATUS: index registry data and connectivity status
  • REGISTRY_AND_SHADOW_AND_CONNECTIVITY_STATUS: index registry data, shadow data and connectivity status

In this exercise you will enable fleet indexing for the registry for all indexing options

  • Enable fleet indexing for the registry and shadow
aws iot update-indexing-configuration \
  --thing-indexing-configuration thingIndexingMode=REGISTRY_AND_SHADOW,thingConnectivityIndexingMode=STATUS \
  --thing-group-indexing-configuration thingGroupIndexingMode=ON
  • Verify that fleet indexing is enabled for both registry, shadow and connectivity status
aws iot describe-index --index-name "AWS_Things"